GAG drag fashion alert: for the futuristic drag lover in all of us.

Here at GAG we love our fashion as much as we love our drag. We also love technology (almost) as much.

But fashion and technology together = a #GAGworthy fashion moment.

Designer Behnaz Farahi has created such a vision with her new innovative design, a 3D wearable cape she’s calling Caress of the Gaze.  Built into the cape is a camera that can sense when someone is looking at it. That’s when the magic happens. After sensing the gaze, the fibers on the garment begin to move in a beautiful wave ripple effect. And the result is beyond sickening.

Check out the video below.

We are in GAG drag heaven!

It’s the kind of wearable art that we love – innovative, one-of-a-kind, avant. It’s a statement piece for a statement queen or king.

Check out Behnaz‘s other wearable art at

Alexander McQueen – Drag’s Couture Queen

Alexander McQueen

If Evolution gave us a visual glimpse into the mind of this century’s creative genius, Wilson’s unauthorized biography will likely navigate the mental terrain via the stories behind the art – and the man.

Regardless, a peak into the creative world and process of this master couturier is sure to spark ANY dragsters imagination to reach beyond the drag mundane.

We are, after all, walking pieces of art – why not walk in the most sickening, haute versions of our drag selves?

i have a feeling this book will inspire us to go there.

Review forthcoming.

Alexander McQueen: Blood Beneath the Skin by Andrew Wilson
Pre-order now; Releases Tuesday, September 1, 2015

$14.99 (Kindle) to $16.50 (Hardcover) at

GAG Magazine’s Ultimate Drag Playlist

GAG Magazine Ultimate Drag Playlist

If GAG did drag, THIS would be the kind of drag ze would do – abstract, unconventional, artist.

This is a highly curated collection (over 3 hours of music and we’re still adding!!!) of drag songs that aren’t for the faint of heart. We’ve created this playlist to inspire and ignite your creativity and artistry.

And because we looooooooooove avant drag so much!

Performed to one of the songs on the list? We’d love to see it! Drop your name, the name of the song, and a link to your performance in the comments below so we can GAG on your eleganza.

This playlist is created on Spotify. You’ll need the program to listen to it. It’s free and TOTALLY worth it, get it here:

Get ready to bask in some great drag – and mug painting – music!

GAG Magazine’s Ultimate Drag Playlist

GAG’s new drag archive – launching 2016. We need your help!

GAG is more than a magazine – it’s an aesthetic. It’s a place where drag lovers come to experience drag in its most elevated form – art.

And now we are taking our art to the next level.

We want to be a hub for the art of drag. A place where you can go to find the best fashions, products, drag news, music, books, and to get to know your history so you can make your own.

GAG is starting a drag archive/an online resource for all things drag, but we need your help!

We’re looking for your favorite websites, movies, documentaries, stories,  books, designers, shops, YouTube stations, dragsters, songs, any/anything drag related.  Who’s your Who’s Who of drag? We want to know!

Send your list of favorites to

And don’t forget to spread and share the love with anyone you think has GAG worthy drag taste!

Launching January 2016.

The Art of GAG – A Retrospective


GAG – or a version of it – has been a dream of mine since the early 90s.

It was 1996 and i was just getting started in the drag scene. i was making videos and screening them on our local PBS station, making mini documentaries, and dreaming of owning my own newspaper called The Voice.

Flash forward to 2006, i moved to a city whose LGBTQ newspaper was called Dallas Voice – sign #1 i knew i was home.

In August 2013, this long time dream was made a reality.

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