GAG’s new drag archive – launching 2016. We need your help!

GAG is more than a magazine – it’s an aesthetic. It’s a place where drag lovers come to experience drag in its most elevated form – art.

And now we are taking our art to the next level.

We want to be a hub for the art of drag. A place where you can go to find the best fashions, products, drag news, music, books, and to get to know your history so you can make your own.

GAG is starting a drag archive/an online resource for all things drag, but we need your help!

We’re looking for your favorite websites, movies, documentaries, stories,  books, designers, shops, YouTube stations, dragsters, songs, any/anything drag related.  Who’s your Who’s Who of drag? We want to know!

Send your list of favorites to

And don’t forget to spread and share the love with anyone you think has GAG worthy drag taste!

Launching January 2016.

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