GAG drag fashion alert: for the futuristic drag lover in all of us.

Here at GAG we love our fashion as much as we love our drag. We also love technology (almost) as much.

But fashion and technology together = a #GAGworthy fashion moment.

Designer Behnaz Farahi has created such a vision with her new innovative design, a 3D wearable cape she’s calling Caress of the Gaze.  Built into the cape is a camera that can sense when someone is looking at it. That’s when the magic happens. After sensing the gaze, the fibers on the garment begin to move in a beautiful wave ripple effect. And the result is beyond sickening.

Check out the video below.

We are in GAG drag heaven!

It’s the kind of wearable art that we love – innovative, one-of-a-kind, avant. It’s a statement piece for a statement queen or king.

Check out Behnaz‘s other wearable art at

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