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This issue of GAG is special not only because we are celebrating our second birthday, but because we’re in the middle of a growth spurt.

We’ve outgrown some things . . .

Departments like News, Music, Library, DID (Dipping into Drag).

And grown into others . . .

Voices where YOU write the story; The Art of Drag where we highlight others like us who are creating spectacular things; and – my personal favorite – Spotlight where we dedicate the last page(s) of the magazine to shining the spotlight on those who make us stars – the fans.

But the biggest change is one that you might not see at first.

GAG is going ad free.

i have always believed that art is at its best when it’s not commercialized or dictated by a paycheck. And i have always seen GAG as art – our art. The Gay Art of Glamour.

Going ad free ultimately means that GAG will now be 100% funded by readers, by you. This is your magazine as much as it mine. 

The sharpest growing pain is saying goodbye to GAGs long time Creative Director, Paul Michael Armstrong. He has a new vision and new vibe that he must follow. And while this may be his last issue with us, he is creatively bound to me for life. He will always be the creative visual realization of what GAG is and the standard to which all that follow him will be held.

i will miss him deeply.

This issue is a fond farewell to who we were and where we’ve been. But it also serves as an introduction of who we are becoming.

If GAG were a caterpillar, this issue is our Chrysalis stage.

In January, we welcome the butterfly. 

Love, light + metamorphosis,

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