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GAG Magazine’s Ultimate Drag Playlist

GAG Magazine Ultimate Drag Playlist

If GAG did drag, THIS would be the kind of drag ze would do – abstract, unconventional, artist.

This is a highly curated collection (over 3 hours of music and we’re still adding!!!) of drag songs that aren’t for the faint of heart. We’ve created this playlist to inspire and ignite your creativity and artistry.

And because we looooooooooove avant drag so much!

Performed to one of the songs on the list? We’d love to see it! Drop your name, the name of the song, and a link to your performance in the comments below so we can GAG on your eleganza.

This playlist is created on Spotify. You’ll need the program to listen to it. It’s free and TOTALLY worth it, get it here: Spotify.com.

Get ready to bask in some great drag – and mug painting – music!

GAG Magazine’s Ultimate Drag Playlist