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GAG is about community – our community of fierce, smart, and creative dragsters. Got something you want/need to say? Want to share your story? We are always interested in hearing and publishing what you have to say.

GAG is also about supporting and showcasing photographers, artists, and other unconventional folks who are creating drag centered art. If that’s you or sounds like someone you know, show us what you got!


Unless otherwise noted, stories or story ideas can be emailed to Please send stories as attachments.

Or mailed to:

PO Box 195212
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Please include the following info with your submission:
Full name (and drag name), email address, and mailing address.

Please note that we cannot return mailed submissions.

If we’re interested in running your piece, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can (roughly 2-4 weeks).

Does your clever idea fall into one of these categories? If so, please specify which one you’re submitting to.

Voices is an OP-ED department where the diversity of ideas and opinions shine through. This department is all you baby! Your story. Your voice. What inspired you to get started in drag? Do you have a unique stance on a drag related issue or conversation? Tell us your story!   Submissions should be 500 – 700 words.

Do you have an idea for a feature or interview that’s unique, sexy, fun and totally GAG worthy? Send a detailed pitch along with a short bio and we’ll let you know if your story/idea matches us. Submissions should be 2,500 words or less.

Are you slaying the kids with your performances? Mug? Or overall fierceness? Did someone (or you) take a sickening picture of you (a drag artist) mid performance? Send those bad boys our way and you may just see yourself in print! Along with the photo, please include the name of the performer and photographer. Send submissions to  Please no bathroom or full length mirror selfies.

Events, conferences, shows, pageants, and even some show reveiws! This department highlights the best of the best drag-centric events from all over the world.  Submission should be 500 – 700 words. 

Love drag more than anything else in the world? Are you obsessed with pageants, a particular dragster, or enamored by the art of drag in general? If so, we wanna get to know you better! Fill us in on what makes YOU the ultimate drag fan and you just might find yourself in the spotlight!

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